• Confidentiality – The number one priority in every aspect of our communication is to protect your business, using strict confidentiality. This minimizes the possibility that employees, suppliers, competitors, or customers find out that your business is for sale before you desire that to be known.
  • Buyer Screening -  We pre-screen buyers very carefully to ensure that all are qualified and deemed to be a good fit for your business. Before any specific information is shared, a signed confidentiality agreement is secured from them. The more financially qualified the buyer, the more likely the sale will close.
  • Pricing - We assist the seller to establish the MPSP Value – Most Probable Selling Price Valuation. We would advise you if your asking price was deemed to be too high or low. If the price is too low, money is left on the table and if the price is too high, the business will not sell.
  • Market Knowledge – As we are in the market on a daily basis conversing with buyers, we have intimate knowledge of the market and what a business is worth. We have the experience to intuitively know the marketplace and based on your business performance will help you achieve what is an attractive and reasonable, yet best price for your business.
  • No Upfront Fees – We are only compensated when a successful closing takes place, to your satisfaction.
  • Saves Time & Stress – We realize that deciding to sell a privately held business can be very stressful. We can remove much of your anxiety by outlining the best strategies you can employ to maximize the dollar value and likelihood your business will sell at the ideal time. You can run your business and leave the selling process to someone else.
  • Negotiations – Coordinate all negotiations and provide overall management to guide the seller through the entire process with minimum stress. We present your business in the most favorable financial position using techniques that optimize profitability and full owner’s benefit. Our loyalty and fiduciary responsibility is to the seller.
  • Closing – We will coordinate with attorneys, accountants, buyers, and sellers to ensure all relevant documentation is produced accurately in a timely manner resulting in a smooth closing process.

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